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http://www.amglaw.com/ 323-653-6530 The attorneys at Allred, Maroko & Goldberg assist Los Angeles area clients in employment law matters, including harassment and discrimination claims.

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http://www.amglaw.com/ 323-653-6530 We help the victims of employment discrimination; those who work and have been wrongfully treated at their place of employment. Call Allred, Maroko & Goldberg for assistance today.

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Spanish Firm Overview

Spanish Firm Overview - Allred, Maroko & Goldberg

La firma Allred , Maroko y Goldberg ha sido uno de los primeros en haber sido la protección de los derechos de los empleados para asegurarse de que son tratados de manera justa y con dignidad.

Representative Cases

Representative Cases California Employment and Civil Rights Law

Los Angeles Employment Law Firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg

Allred, Maroko & Goldberg is a nationally recognized employment law firm with 38 years of experience. Since our founding, we have been focused and committed to protecting the civil rights of California employees and private citizens, regardless of their public stature. We are proud of the very real difference we have made in the lives of people throughout these years.

We believe the best method for effecting social change after experiencing harassment or discrimination is to expose the violation and inflict real, financial damages on the offender. This is often the only way to ensure that the offense is corrected and never repeated. Our client policy has been instrumental in changing both public policy and public perception.

Representing Clients in High-Profile Matters

Our lawyers represent clients throughout California involved in discrimination, sexual harassment and other high-profile legal matters, such as cases for the following clients:

  • Amber Frey, key witness in People v. Scott Peterson
  • The Nicole Brown Simpson Family in People v. OJ Simpson
  • Photographer Henry Trappler v. Tommy Lee (of the rock group Motley Crue)
  • Actress Hunter Tylo v. Aaron Spelling/Spelling Productions

Most of our cases, however, involve everyday people whose rights have been violated in the workplace or elsewhere. We help them stand up against their employers to protect their rights under state and federal employment law. Contact our employment law attorneys to learn how we may be able to help you.

Successful Settlements and Awards

Allred, Maroko & Goldberg is known for its ability to get results, a fact supported by us securing more than $100 million for clients in just the past five years. Read more about some our victories in the areas below:

Anchor sexual harassment Sexual Harassment

$18.4 Million Verdict - James Stevens v. Vons
Mr. Stevens was employed in the receiving department of Vons supermarkets for more than 25 years. After complaining to the company about ongoing sexual harassment by his female supervisor, he was transferred to a less desirable store location and subjected to a two-year campaign of retaliation, ending in his termination. At trial a jury awarded Mr. Stevens $1.67 million in compensatory and over $16 million in punitive damages for a total amount of $18.4 million plus attorney's fees. > Read more...

Over $5 Million Verdict - Straight Male
In an unusual case, a straight male sued another straight male for sexual harassment occurring at his workplace. A jury awarded our client in excess of $5 million.

$2.5 Million Settlement - A Group of Women Employees
We represented numerous young women who were sexually harassed by the manager while applying for a job with a national chain. The company resolved our clients' claims after litigation commenced, prior to trial.

Six Figure Settlement - Female Employee
A female employee was sexually harassed by her supervisor. We won a six-figure jury award despite the fact that our client was not fired from her job and did not lose any pay. This case created a better climate for employees to come forward with sexual harassment claims without fear of termination or retaliation.

Six Figure Settlement - Female Employees of a Nonprofit
Sexual harassment and retaliation charges were brought against the CEO of a nonprofit organization. Our clients alleged that the CEO liked to surround himself with young female employees whom he would require to accompany him on trips, where he would demand sex from them. Those who refused were transferred to less desirable positions. We were able to mediate a substantial six-figure settlement.

$100,000 Settlement - Female Store Clerk
A female store clerk was egregiously sexually harassed and stalked by her supervisor for several months. The company did not act quickly enough on her complaints and the situation worsened for her as a result of the store's inaction, causing her to quit her job. Thereafter her supervisor was fired but our client was emotionally unable to return to work. After a year, we were able to resolve her situation and she was able to return to work with a better position at a different store location. She received $100,000, as well as the new position.

Anchor age discrimination Age Discrimination

$15 Million Settlement for Circuit City Employees
In 2007, Circuit City terminated thousands of workers nationwide because they earned 51 cents or more above the established pay rate; they were then told they could reapply for jobs earning far less. We filed a class action suit on behalf of 217 former California employees contending that these layoffs discriminated against older employees who tended to be the higher wage earners, a violation of California law. The Los Angeles Superior Court agreed and approved a settlement of $15 million.

Over $5 Million - Dr. Fawzy Salama v King/Drew Medical Center
At age 49, Dr. Fawzy Salama, a medical doctor born and trained in Egypt, was accepted as an intern in the anesthesiology department at the Medical Center. The Center subsequently rescinded the offer. Shortly after being told of his rejection, Dr. Salama suffered a heart attack. The matter proceeded to trial and a Los Angeles jury returned a verdict of over $5 million in favor of Dr. Salama on his age discrimination claim.

Anchor race Race/Ethnicity/Country of Origin Discrimination

$3.6 Million Verdict - Group of Minority Male Employees
We represented a group of men of different races and ethnicities who were subjected to very offensive racial slurs, epithets and racially based drawings. The men had repeatedly complained to upper management and to the company's human resources department. The company failed to take action. The matter was vigorously litigated and was ultimately resolved for $3.6 million.

Six Figure Settlement - Employees Against a Media Outlet
Disparate treatment favoring employees from one particular country resulted in our client being fired and replaced by an ethnically "desirable" but less-qualified candidate. We overcame the employer's argument that the case was controlled by an arbitration agreement. Our mediation efforts resulted in a settlement in the high six figures.

Anchor Gender Discrimination

$1.68 Million Settlement -- Women Farm Workers
A group of experienced female farm workers applied to pick table grapes for a Delano, California, grower, but were told that the business did not want women and that all women are lazy. Although the grower filled approximately 300 positions each year between 1998 and 2002, no women were hired in that time period. Our partner Tomas Olmos filed a class action suit and won an historic victory.

$440,000 Settlement - Female Bank Executive v. Bank
A female banking executive was recruited from another state to run a large division of the bank. After arriving she was excluded from decision making and was denigrated by the all-male executive team. Within a year she was relegated to lower-level duties, ignored and demeaned. We were able to settle her matter within two months, without court intervention, for $440,000.

Anchor Disability Discrimination/Violation of ADA

Close to $1 Million Settlement - Disabled Employee
A woman was employed by a company for 25 years and helped the company grow into a prosperous enterprise. She began suffering from a disability and the company terminated her employment due to her disability. The matter was resolved pre-litigation for close to $1 million.

Settlement - Disabled Executive Employee
After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, a 62-year-old executive was suddenly told that his company did not need him anymore after many years of service. He believed his company did not want to deal with his upcoming need for leave and possibly restricted job duties. We were able to negotiate a settlement for him without the necessity of litigation, which gave him ample health care and the ability to heal without financial worries.

Anchor civil Civil rights "The Biggest Civil Rights Case in Decades"

Same-Sex Marriage, March 4, 2008
For almost four hours, the California Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Gloria Allred and Michael Maroko were prominent among the advocates appearing before the court, representing clients Robin Tyler, Diane Olson, Rev. Troy Perry, and Phillip Ray DeBlieck.

Anchor Family Law/Parental Rights

Parental "Move Away" Rights
Divorced mother, Wendy Burgess, sought to move 40 miles away to a better job and a better place to raise her kids. Ms. Burgess had physical custody of her children. The lower court denied her request to move. We appealed to the California Supreme Court arguing that a custodial parent should have the right to move for good faith reasons (such as a better job, educational opportunities for children, return to a family support system, a new marriage), as long as the move was not motivated by an intent to keep children from the other parent. We prevailed for Ms. Burgess, setting legal precedent and paving the way for untold parents who wanted the best possible life for their families.

Use of Fertilized Eggs
Our client, a woman who had undergone fertility treatments at a university medical center, learned that another woman had been illegally implanted with her fertilized eggs. The other woman had borne a son from a fertilized egg. Our client's medical records had disappeared from the clinic and the doctors responsible had fled the country. Our client received a significant settlement from the medical center.

Equal Treatment for Public Services

We have also fought and won for women who were being charged more than men for equal service in such areas as dry cleaning, clothes alterations and children's haircuts.


Sandra Bardenilla v. Kaiser Medical Facility
A nurse objected to arbitrary medical practices in feeding and hydrating comatose patients. This case predated the Terri Schiavo controversy by almost 25 years. The jury found for our client on wrongful discharge and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Rolon/Johnson v. Papa Choux
A committed lesbian couple was denied seats in the "romantic dining" section of a popular restaurant. The lower court judge denied a request for injunction. The Court of Appeals reversed that decision a year later.

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