Would you like to contribute to the Summer Zervos v. Donald Trump Case Fund?

The Summer Zervos Case Fund

Many people have contacted our office and expressed support for Summer’s case and indicated a willingness to provide financial support for the legal fees and costs that will be incurred. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please feel free to send a check made payable to "Allred Maroko & Goldberg: Summer Zervos Case Fund." For funds to be accepted, you must indicate that you have read and agreed to the Disclaimer Regarding Contributions to the Summer Zervos Case Fund located below by indicating on the check or in a cover letter enclosing the donation, "Disclaimer Reviewed." Checks may be mailed to our Los Angeles office located at 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500, Los Angeles, CA 90048. A check or other method of payment that is not accompanied by such acknowledgement of the Disclaimer will be returned noting that the acknowledgement of disclaimer needs to be included.

Disclaimer Regarding Contributions to the Summer Zervos Case Fund

On January 17, 2017, the firms of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg and Cuti Hecker Wang LLP have filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court on behalf of Summer Zervos against Donald Trump for defamation.

Our law firms have agreed that legal fees and costs in connection with this matter shall be paid only from public donations. Ms. Zervos will not be personally responsible for any legal fees or costs that may be incurred.

We have been gratified that many members of the public have come forward with offers of donations, large and small, to support Ms. Zervos' efforts to vindicate her legal rights and to attempt to restore her reputation. We, on behalf of our firms and Ms. Zervos, express our profound appreciation.

We intend to use the donations which are received for attorney's fees to compensate the attorneys who provide legal services on Ms. Zervos' case. The fees that will be charged will be steeply discounted. Gloria Allred's legal services on this case shall be fully donated by her at no compensation and no legal fees will be charged for her time. Donations that are used to pay legal fees will be paid on a monthly basis after the legal services are provided. Donations that are received from donors shall also be used to pay the costs incurred during the litigation.

All donated funds will be used solely in connection with representing Ms. Zervos in the litigation and they shall be maintained in the client's trust account which is regulated by the Rules of Professional Conduct and the California State Bar. The use of the funds shall be for the legal fees incurred by our firms or reimbursement of costs we advance on behalf of our client.

In addition to acknowledging your donation, and as a matter of the ethics of the legal profession, we wish to also make clear that we have one client only, Ms. Zervos, in this lawsuit against Mr. Trump. We are required to provide her with independent representation devoted only to her interests and to safeguard her confidential information and communications. This means that donors will have no control or influence, nor will donors be permitted to participate in decisions made in the handling of the case, including settlement or trial. We cannot disclose confidential information and must take direction solely from our client, both in terms of the handling of the litigation and in determining the timing and content of public disclosures.

In the event that at the time the litigation concludes there are any donated funds remaining, we shall donate all such funds to one or more rape crisis centers at our discretion. Please also note that your donations are not tax deductible.

If you would like to contribute via PayPal, please check the box acknowledging acceptance of the disclaimer below, then click "Donate" to be directed to the PayPal page.