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http://www.amglaw.com/ 323-653-6530 The attorneys at Allred, Maroko & Goldberg assist Los Angeles area clients in employment law matters, including harassment and discrimination claims.

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Who We Care About - Employee Discrimination Lawyers - LA

http://www.amglaw.com/ 323-653-6530 We help the victims of employment discrimination; those who work and have been wrongfully treated at their place of employment. Call Allred, Maroko & Goldberg for assistance today.

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Spanish Firm Overview

Spanish Firm Overview - Allred, Maroko & Goldberg

La firma Allred , Maroko y Goldberg ha sido uno de los primeros en haber sido la protección de los derechos de los empleados para asegurarse de que son tratados de manera justa y con dignidad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Firm

How do you decide what cases to take?

As one of the largest and most experienced employment law firm in California, we have an in-depth understanding of the rights of employees and the laws protecting them. Our extensive experience allows us to determine the merit of your case. Use the form on our website to send us a brief summary of your legal issue. All emails are responded to promptly. Before we accept a case we will discuss your situation with you on the phone, and if it seems that we can be of service we will schedule a meeting with you to evaluate your case and possible legal actions. Doing our homework gives us the edge when we engage an employer and attempt a resolution. Our reputation and success in the courtroom lets our opponents know that we are serious at all times.

Do you take cases outside of California?

Although we practice primarily in California, we evaluate each employment case that is submitted to us and will sometimes agree to co-counsel on matters which are being adjudicated in other states. We encourage you to submit your matter for review.

Do I have to pay to talk to one of your lawyers?

No, in nearly every case a consultation with one of our attorneys is free of charge.

What if my case is not a high profile or celebrity matter?

The great majority of cases that we handle are not high profile. Most of our clients are ordinary people victimized in the workplace by harassment, discrimination or other civil rights violations. Our firm does handle some cases that attract media attention, but this never detracts from the personal service and aggressive advocacy we provide all our clients.

What if I don't want publicity and prefer to keep my case confidential.

Almost all our cases are handled very discreetly outside the public eye, any decision to "go public" on behalf of a client is always carefully considered and subject to the client's approval. We believe that personal interaction and clear communication is the only way to meet your goals and win your case.

What if I can't afford to pay to have an attorney represent me?

We often take employment case on a contingency basis, meaning the fees for our legal services are paid upon successful completion of the services and usually calculated as a percentage of the gain realized for the client. In other words, once your case is resolved we take a percentage of the settlement. Our firm is proud to provide power to the powerless, helping California clients victimized by those who possess money, celebrity and influence. Our attorneys are dedicated to not only the recovery of compensation but to setting the precedents that will ensure that no other person is victimized in the same way again.

I would like to discuss my case personally with Gloria Allred. Can I?

Due to her overwhelming schedule, Gloria seldom takes calls on new cases. However, the other nine experienced attorneys in our firm work very closely together and with her to evaluate potential new cases.

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