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Whistleblower Attorneys

If you have expressed concerns about workplace health or safety issues, fraudulent business practices, including violation of any federal, state or local law, you may be entitled to protection as a whistleblower. Allred, Maroko & Goldberg provides legal advice and representation to employees who have suffered retaliation for whistleblowing (also called Qui tam).

Protecting the Rights of Employees Reporting Illegal Activity

An attorney from our firm can advise you on all aspects of your whistleblowing rights, your options and the consequences related to accusations of:

  • Wage/salary issues
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations
  • Workplace safety
  • Billing/accounting fraud
  • Contract fraud/overcharging
  • False claims/records
  • Qui tam — “Qui tam” is a civil lawsuit alleging fraud against the federal government or federal contractors. Whistleblower cases under the Federal False Claims Act have unique protections and may involve the sharing of a recovery plus additional punitive damages.

We have represented many whistleblowers, including those who have suffered retaliation for expressing concerns such as patient safety, tax evasion, fraudulent billing practices, product contamination, and employee theft.

What Types of Illegal Activities May Qualify for Whistleblower Protection?

Virtually any public or private sector organization, as well as its management or employees, may commit a wide variety of crimes during the course of their business. Examples of situations in which whistleblowers may file a claim include:

  • Failure to pay taxes
  • Fraud or other irregularities in company finances, records or accounts
  • Criminal acts against company employees or those outside the company
  • Embezzlement or money laundering
  • Requesting overtime pay or additional benefits
  • Acts of fraud against suppliers or customers
  • Concealment of safety concerns or violations
  • Overbilling or billing for services that were not performed
  • Demanding or receiving bribes or kickbacks
  • Mortgage or insurance fraud

Unfortunately, employees who speak out against their employer’s illegal behavior can sometimes face retaliation, termination, demotion or the creation of a hostile or unpleasant working environment.

Will I Be Protected Against Retaliation?

Fortunately, any employee reporting illegal activity in the workplace is protected by the federal and state laws designed to encourage employees to oppose or protest against illegal activity without fear of reprisals such as termination, demotion or discrimination.

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