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Protecting Those Who Have Been Harassed in the Workplace

Employee Harassment Attorney | Los Angeles & New York

An employee who is mistreated on the basis of his or her protected characteristics by state or federal law may have a harassment claim against his or her employer.

Do I Have a Harassment Claim?

In order for harassment to be considered illegal, it must be based on at least one protected characteristic recognized under federal or state law. These include:

At AMG, we have represented numerous victims of illegal harassment based on a variety of characteristics. For example, we have represented many women subjected to unwelcome touching by supervisors, employees taunted for their actual or perceived mental or physical disabilities, and employees who were bullied for their sexual orientation or for their gender identity.

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Harassment can be subtle and complex depending on frequency and intensity of the harassment and the identity of the harasser. Please speak with one of our attorneys before proceeding with your claim. Call our Los Angeles office at 323-302-4774 or our New York office at 212-202-2966 or contact us online.