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Holding Employers Accountable for Harassment in the Workplace

Working in an environment free from harassment should be the most basic expectation in any workplace, yet many employees face harassment and other discriminatory acts on the job. Although these acts are illegal, many employers fail to correct workplace harassment, subjecting employees to unfair treatment, discrimination and a hostile work environment.

If you have experienced harassment on the job and your employer has failed to take appropriate action to stop it, contact Allred, Maroko & Goldberg. We can investigate your case to determine whether your employer acted inappropriately and take legal action as necessary.

What if Your Employer Fails to Address Harassment After You Report It?

If workplace harassment has occurred and been reported, the employer must be given the opportunity to correct it. If the employer fails to do so, appropriate legal action can be taken. Victims of harassment may be eligible for compensation through a harassment claim. Additional compensation may be available in cases where an employer initially ignored reports of harassment.

Allred, Maroko & Goldberg protects employee rights in cases involving all forms of harassment such as:

  • Sexual harassment, including quid pro quo and hostile work environment claims
  • Sexual orientation harassment
  • Racial harassment
  • Religious harassment
  • National origin harassment
  • Disability harassment

Can You Get in Trouble for Reporting Harassment?

No. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against any employee who reports harassment or any other violation in the workplace. If your employer is holding your report against you, such as denying you a promotion or leaving you out of important decision-making conversations, you may be able to take additional legal action against your employer for retaliation.

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Harassment in the workplace is illegal. You have many legal protections. We can help you investigate your case and guide you on the appropriate path. Compensation may be available.

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