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Jeffrey Epstein is not the only one who could face charges

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Jeffrey Epstein’s name has prominently featured across headlines for the past few months in connection with allegations that he sexual abused under-age girls. Some of those alleged victims are represented by Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

First, the multi-millionaire pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. Next, news outlets reported his sudden death while in prison. A medical examiner recently concluded that the former financier died from suicide by hanging, but the case is not over yet. 

While Epstein faced multiple allegations of engaging in sexual acts with young girls, now the question is: Did others conspire with Epstein to make it happen?

The damage was widespread

Over the years, Epstein allegedly flew dozens of girls as young as 14 to his homes in Florida and New York for nude massages and sexual encounters. Additionally, numerous tapes of underaged girls were found in his possession. Girls were paid hundreds of dollars for their participation in the sexual acts, and were asked to recruit other girls.

Who were the co-conspirators?

Epstein did not procure the underage girls and act in a vacuum. It has been reported that other adults knew of the incidents and may have furthered the cycle of abuse.

In particular, Ghislaine Maxwell was said to have acted as a Madam for Epstein, identifying and procuring girls to bring to his homes. Girls were typically found in schools and spas.

Documents unsealed on August 16th implicated others in the scandal. Over the ensuing months, their level of involvement will be scrutinized. Epstein was tied to powerful politicians and businessmen in his personal life. Whether they were involved in the scandal will also be carefully investigated.

What about the victims?

Many alleged victims were distressed to hear about Epstein’s death and lack of punishment for his actions. However, they could find a new sort of justice if other persons involved in Epstein’s misconduct are prosecuted for their involvement. As the case continues to unfold, new evidence will ultimately determine the fate of the possible co-conspirators.

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